Coffee & Donuts with Gravity

Very occasionally I miss the ritual of getting up on a Sunday morning and going to church. I used to occasionally sneak off to the local Christian Science church, leave the baby in child care and sit for an hour enjoying the $1 donation worth of kid-free time. Even before I began to seriously question my faith, the sermonizing accompanied by the well-meaning questioning got to be a bit much for me so I stopped going.

I think I’d like to start a grass-roots movement, not directly, that would take effort, but perhaps I can inspire someone else to do so. I think it would be great if people without any formal religious attachment gathered on Sunday mornings, I think it could be called Coffee & Donuts with Gravity, the Most Powerful Force is the Earth, and communed with nature, talked about science, shared ideas, insights, and generally gathered together for a sense of community that can often be lacking if one is not part of a church congregation or social club.

Coffee and donuts, while not a requirement, usually make such early morning gatherings easier, or perhaps you could meet up for brunch at a local cafe (waffles and bacon are also a good thing), at a coffee shop, or park. The coffee and donuts are more figurative than literal, sort of like the wine and wafers that the Catholics offer, only without gore of the blood and body.

Without the Earth there would be no gravity to hold us in place, and gravity is one of those laws you simply can’t break. The Earth is vital to our survival in this universe, and gravity is vital to keeping us in place. I think celebrating these simple truths would be much more pleasant than dissecting dogmas and being lectured on damnation.

This being Sunday, I think I’ll take the boys to the park and we can have donuts and experience gravity together.


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