what I’ve been reading – thought provoking blog posts

I think my Sunday School teachers should be grateful that the internet wasn’t as prevalent when I was in their classes… Or maybe I should be grateful, I suspect I would have had a LOT more conversations w/the Sunday School Superintendent.

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5 thoughts on “what I’ve been reading – thought provoking blog posts

  1. Anna Maskus says:

    Hey, that was really funny and extremely interesting!!! If you could check out my blog, I really think you’d enjoy it, I’m just trying to get started and you seem like a nice person to have reading my blog! Thanks xoxo

    • kat @ kindism says:

      Thanks. I’ll check out your blog, if anyone reads that post (and anything else I post on here) and comes away with the impression I seem “like a nice person” they’re worth checking out. 😉

      I just tried commenting on your blog, but it wouldn’t let me enter my e-mail address.

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