I went to the Doctor – Guest Post Project

I know there are many of you, both Christian Scientist and former-Christian Scientist alike, who have sought medical help.

In an effort to remove the stigma and alleviate the fear that is often associated with visiting healthcare professionals, I’m asking you to write in with your experiences, both good and bad, so that others can work to overcome their fears.

I just started this project so I’m sure it will evolve a bit over time. Stories will be archived in some form at:



2 thoughts on “I went to the Doctor – Guest Post Project

  1. Bill Sweet says:

    I would like to comment in respect to a liberal introduction to Christian Science versus what has been hell for people who have taken the conservative route even fundamentalist route in their upbringing.

    I mentioned at another time that for the most part I was around Christian Scientists who were funny and fun loving. Also, with exceptions, my new friends in Christian Science were open to going to a doctor if things didn’t work out with the Christianly metaphysical approach. This may shock you, there were some local practitioners who worked with doctors. I know one fellow who occasionally had a doctor call to pray for assistance with a serious surgery.

    Our family met the very first practitioner in Wilmette, Illinois. He was a former baby doctor. He had a healing that medicine didn’t reach. It so affected him that he switched from material medicine to spiritual medicine. His grandson recently told me he found an excellent picture of him he should duplicate for me. This M.D. practitioner kept his medical license up-to-date all while he was a listed practitioner. He also believed it was important for Christian Scientists to have convertible health insurance that could be used in either case situation. It was great knowing him.

    I am certain had more people been flexible and sensible during the last century, Christian Science would be an important and bigger religious group than today; rather it gets the cult label. It may be too late to turn things around, but one can always hope for repairs. I think the argument could be made that much of the so-called radical tendencies did not come from Mrs. Eddy. They came from hardline bravado students….

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