By a Dark Remedy – Baddy Mary Eek

an anagram-inspired poem by Our Beveled Loader, the Focus Overridden, Key Ravaged Berry Mold

Nudism Beach Tents
Or a Floured Dab Velveteen Oriole
A Braced Emu Gritting
In the Interim, a Failed Evil
Mr Porn, with a Cad Leitmotif Intro

Elf Ogress Ad
Infestation of Finite fine Bile Foam
Prominent Rooter, Angel Lies
Plan Chirrup Tit
A Fluorescent Oleo Riff

Siphoning a Turmoil Visor
A Refulgences Shit Pillion
Gory Hunts, a Ceca Riflemen
Hale Retail Math
Lo, Teary Evil

a poem inspired by “Our Beloved Leader” the “Discover & Founder” Mary Baker Eddy

The Mind Substance
Revelation of our Beloved Leader
Embracing gratitude
Material Life divine
Practitioner of mortal mind

Fearless God
Manifestation of infinite belief
All-seeing omnipotent error
Truth, Principal
Reflection of Soul Fear

Harmonious Loving Spirit
Healing Perfect Illusions
Science, grateful harmony
Material health
Love Reality


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