golf balls, sand & chocolate milk

Regular reader and commenter Bill S. recently shared the following inspiring video with me, many of you have probably heard the analogy of the pickle jar (or mayo jar) that you fill with golf balls, little rocks, and sand which represent things in life. It is a striking visual reminder to take care of the big things first, and let everything else fall into place.

Bill writes: I like the idea of teaching through symbols.  Mary Baker Eddy makes a big deal about teaching via spiritual symbolism. The following moral lesson is quite good, and one can visually see the point being made.

Empty Pickle Jar from GiftsToGive on Vimeo.

If the embedded video fails, try The Empty Pickle Jar or


4 thoughts on “golf balls, sand & chocolate milk

      • spindrifterr says:

        I hope there is something that the layman can have explained about this math concept to describe the existence of God, too.

        It would seem to me that by induction one can infer a God. For example, a holy lifestyle that produces a certain kind of result in contrast to a lifestyle that follows any current cultural trend could add weight to an argument for God perhaps. Science isn’t at the stage yet–to get beyond observing effects.

        You raise another question. Is the Christian Science concept of God, as in the seven names for God, actually Bible based or is the concept something new and or different?

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